Professional and Strategic


Dear Richard,

The hour is late and I should really be heading to sleep, but I felt I needed to write this note first. I did end up speaking with my mom tonight and I relayed your message. The first words out of her mouth were, “Wow. He is such a mentsch. He is so ethical.” She was just blown away by the level of honesty and integrity that would spur you to look for, find and honor such a commitment.

I have to be honest; I was less surprised. That has been my impression consistently. Not that it wasn’t the impression of my mom, it was, but I feel strongly that over the past bunch of months I experienced it firsthand. I believe I said this before, but it is worth mentioning again: So many times during this negotiation, you could have encouraged me to take a deal that would have been just fine for you. You don’t have workers’ comp liens, nor do you have ongoing medical expenses, thankfully (and may you never!). But you wouldn’t do it. I felt so much that I could trust you because I knew that as much as this was about a case, it was always about the client. It was always with great sensitivity to our situation, to the needs of our family, to the rest of our lives, even more than the here and now.

I hate to say it, but there aren’t a whole lot of people like you around. You come with such authenticity, such honesty and such a strong ethical sense. Obviously, you have been a fabulous lawyer. I think it’s obvious that if not for the fact that you put together such an outstanding case on liability, if not for the fact that you were so incredibly thorough in putting together that case, in living and breathing it for nine years, we would never have gotten to this point. The reality is that they felt pressure because there was a decent case against them, and that was all you. Still, though, I walk away most impressed by the way you handled yourself throughout. Down to this very last scenario. Your word was your word.

Greatness does not shine when the choices are soft and easy. Greatness shines when the choices are tough; when the stakes are high.

About a year ago, I stopped at an ATM and withdrew $60. Instead of three twenty dollar bills, the machine spit out three fifties. But my receipt reflected a withdrawal of 60. So I called the bank. It took me about 15 minutes on the phone, but I just could not keep the money that didn’t belong to me. My kids couldn’t believe it. (I am not sure if they thought I could keep the money, or if they couldn’t believe I spent 15 minutes on the phone trying to sort it through:) Nevertheless, it was a great “teachable moment.” They refer to it often and recall it much more often than I do. I suppose it was a lesson in honesty, much more powerful than they could read about in any book. I wonder what they would have said if I was the lawyer here and told them this story… what a teachable moment that would be.

May God continue to bless you with great success, may you and your wife derive great pleasure from your children, and may you be proud of the people they become.


After going through two lawyers and expensive legal fees we were referred to Richard Apat. This was a long drawn out and painful case after almost five years of frustration until we hired Richard Apat’s firm. Mr. Apat did a phenomenal job and we settled in a little over one year. He also kept us informed along the way which is to be commended as in my experience our other lawyers did not do this for us. Should we ever need legal help Richard Apat will be our lawyer.

Ann & Joel C.

Caring and Compassionate

Dear Richard,

On behalf of my husband and I, we just wanted to thank you so much again for all that you have done and specially for being so supportive and understanding with me. This was the second personal injury case you have handled for our family and we are more than satisfied with the results.

You have helped us through a very difficult time and we will never forget it. We will refer you to anyone we know who is injured and needs legal representation, you made us feel like we were a part of your family, and your advice has been very helpful to us even after the case. You are so much more to us than just our attorney, you took a personal interest in the case and got more involved than most attorneys would do or should do. You will always have a special place in our hearts; an attorney who cares about his clients.

Grace & Albert Scott

Hard Working and Perseverant

Dear Mr. Apat,

I want to thank you for all of the hard work you and your team put in for my real estate litigation case. You were referred to me by another attorney who spoke so highly of you that I had to try calling, despite having interviewed three other attorneys already. When I called to make the appointment, Jeanette described the way you approach your cases and clients, which resonated with me — she was the reason I agreed to come in for the consultation. I’m so glad that I did because from the beginning, I was very impressed with your knowledge and understanding of every angle of our case.

You spent so much time with our family listening to the complications of the unnerving case we had. It is a very traumatic experience to be sued, but after we left your office that night, we were able to relax because we all felt we were in good hands with you and your associate Robyn. Throughout the lawsuit, I was impressed with how hard you worked on preparing air-tight motions and making sure that we always stood on solid legal ground. I learned a lot about real estate law and the realities of our judicial system through you and I appreciate how you always took the time to explain all of the legal concepts. You and Robyn always had the patience to explain to me each angle of the case.

There were so many lawyers on this case because these tenants we inherited in our foreclosure purchase managed to create such a cockamamie story and sue everyone in sight. From my viewpoint, it was a circus of attorneys in court, but you stood out as clearly the most professional, the most experienced and the most capable attorney. I am convinced that your presence as my counsel clearly forced the opposing attorney to tread carefully as he accepted quite a dirty case, in my opinion. In the end, I want to report that my family and I finally were able renovate and to move into the apartment, just upstairs from my parents! Life is good and we are all so grateful to you for helping to make this happen. And thank you for being available to answer questions for me and even take the time to help me on other matters since we finished the case. I appreciate that you make me feel like I really can turn to you when needed. I’ll never forget the quote you always tell me “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” For that reason, I am so happy I have you to reach out to you, my ounce of prevention, so I can keep my life as peaceful as possible.

Thank you,


Help On Three Fronts

Dear Mr. Rosado and Mr. Apat,

I want to thank both of you and the entire law firm and staff for the diligent work that you all did on my behalf on my workers’ compensation, personal injury and Social Security cases. Your entire staff was very nice and responsive to deal with and I can see the coordinated effort that you made always keeping my best interests in mind.

It’s been four years but I am very happy with the results and have no hesitation in recommending your office to anybody who finds themselves in need of a personal injury, workers’ compensation and Social Security attorney.

Thank you again, all the best,

Bonnie Moore

A Wonderful Person

Dear Richard,

Almost everybody has a bad concept about lawyers, but be confident that will change at the moment they know you. If not, ask them to call me. You are honest, dedicated, hardworking, smart and a thousand more qualities that I will fill the page if I even try to describe them all. No wonder you are practically bald; God couldn’t make you all perfect.

Working with you is like going on a cruise; you’ll get to a safe harbor because the boat is guided by a very devoted captain. I don’t want to end these words without mentioning that with you, I had the honor of meeting the best preacher ever. You could make the truth flow through your words supported by the facts that always accompany your research, just because you have faith in what you do, and faith in the people you work with.

In front of the stage, you manage to get out the lion with lenses you have inside to show them how right you are. You will make your point no matter how hard or how far it seems; you will make them cry.

Now, I want to make my point in three simple statements: Your firm and I have the best lawyer ever; Your wife has the best husband ever; Your kids have the best father ever.

I really hope your kids will be as wonderful of a person in the future as you are now.


A Lawyer’s Lawyer

Dear Mr. Apat:

I would first like to thank you for your hard work for the legal services that you furnished concerning litigation that lasted over three years in which i was a defendant named both individual and in a corporate entity. I want to commend you for the highest level of professionalism, ethics and your continued representation during the entire course of the lawsuit.

As in most cases, attorneys and colleagues can probably be the worst clients. You showed a continued compassion, understanding and tolerance during the time we were involved in the litigation. I also wanted to compliment you on your performance during trial that was held before a judicial hearing officer

From the moment you commenced the representation, you were always able to see strategically how to slowly frustrate and dismantle the plaintiff’s case. Your ability to have the initial plaintiff’s attorney removed based of a conflict of interest was well-calculated.

At all periods during this journey, you were well-prepared. Your support staff was on top of all the issues during the course of the litigation. On the eve of trial, you spent an extraordinary amount of time preparing for it, going well into the early hours of the morning, weekends and nights. You displayed a dedication that I have not seen. During this entire process, I never had any doubts in your ability to effectively protect my interests.

I was also impressed during the trial and as a result of the trial being adjourned for two weeks, you advised me to obtain a transcript of the testimony that was given by plaintiffs during the first day of the trial. You then used that testimony in the transcript on your cross examination of the plaintiff, which was very effective. It was almost as if I was observing a surgeon with a scalpel. The issues were complex in my matter and involved a great deal of dexterity and comprehension of the issues that arose. You had consistently advised properly to proceed to trial based on your analysis of the situation. Most of our colleagues would have suggested settling. However, you felt strong and confident about my legal position and you ended up being 100 percent correct as to your analysis.

I just want you to know that as far I am concerned, you a truly a lawyers’ lawyer. You have certainly shown, at least to me, that there are practitioners out there that are very competent, effective, professional, ethical and thorough.

I would like to thank you again, Richard, for all that you have done for me. It was a very difficult time, and your compassion as well as your competence concerning your legal representation was nothing less than stellar.

I would like to thank you and your law firm for all of the work done.

Very truly yours,

Constantine Frangopoulos
Attorney at Law

Another Satisfied Worker’s Compensation Client

After years of legal battles, this year became the worst for my mother’s case. Mr. Alex Rosado stepped in and walked us through our options. After months of litigation, his time and dedication to my mother’s case was a success, and she was reimbursed for all of her difficulties. Today, my mother can continue her life in peace. We are both extremely grateful for your efforts Mr. Rosado. You are a public servant that we can trust.

Sergio Galeano

Successfully Avoiding Boundary Problems

Dear Richard,

It’s all done, you are the best lawyer I ever met. Pure mentioning of your name had people around the table to stop arguing and becoming very respectful.

Many thanks for representing us in this matter. We’ll be your client for any potential issue we might have in the future.

Inga and Yuri

Lawyers Referring Lawyers

Dear Richard,

As you know, you were referred to me by the most wonderful longtime neighbor I could have ever asked for, Mark. An attorney himself, without hesitation, said “If I were in an accident and needed representation, Richard would be my go-to attorney. He not only is the best at what he does, but does so ethically.”

I guess that makes you an attorney’s attorney. My absolute trust in Mark’s judgment was not misguided. Throughout the whole process, you explained to me exactly what was going on each step of the way and spoke clearly with me about all possible outcomes and strategies.

From the outset, I sensed that you had a thorough knowledge in your field and that sense only solidified with time. Facing quite a few difficult hurdles, I’m of the opinion that no other attorney would have been able to obtain the full settlement that you obtained on my behalf and for that I am eternally grateful. You are no longer only Mark’s “go-to” attorney but mine as well.



An Unexpected Out-Of-Court Settlement

Dear Richard,

I would like to thank you for your services regarding my property line dispute. I had initially doubted the matter would get resolved out of court, but you proved me wrong. I appreciated the fact that you were professional and kept me informed at each phase. Your firm and staff (Jeanette) did a great job and were very courteous during the entire process. At the end of the day, my problem was resolved peacefully and I thank you.

There were times I think you went above and beyond. As a result, I would not think twice in recommending you to somebody for your legal services. I have dealt with lawyers in the past for different matters and by far you are excellent, professional and fully represented me to the extent of the law as your client. As a note, I am a very happy client.


Ramesh Manoo

Complex Real Estate Litigation

Let me start by pointing out that I have been an attorney practicing law for over 50 years and when I found myself with a complex real estate issue in Brooklyn, we initially went to a reputable mid-sized real estate firm in Manhattan for assistance. That firm indicated the area of law involved, which included adverse possession, and potentially a mistake on a deed, was something they preferred to pass on. Apparently, the areas of law involved are a bit of a niche and changes in the law created a number of complexities which would require an extensive amount of research by that firm. In light of the foregoing, the firm recommended Richard A. Apat, Esq., of the law firm Rosado, Apat & Dudley LLP.

I spoke with Mr. Apat and advised him that my partners and I own a parcel of land in Brooklyn, which we rent to tenants who run medical offices, and that there is an additional section of land that was undeveloped which we had been utilizing for our garbage Dumpsters and some miscellaneous storage.

Mr. Apat looked at the property with us. He also reviewed the deed history and advised us that, in his opinion, we were the owners of the property through adverse possession and that he was willing to put his opinion in writing.

Our issue, however, remained that we wanted to legally own the property and have title to it. This way, we would be able to file plans with the Department of Buildings, etc. Unfortunately, because the deed dated back many years and there were errors, this became a much larger project than originally anticipated. However, Mr. Apat and his firm had the resources to locate all the heirs (before meeting Mr. Apat I never heard of an heirship investigator) and to properly serve all of them. Just to be safe, Mr. Apat took the further step of requesting from the court the methodology of service by publication in a newspaper, which we did in order to make certain there would be no issues regarding title, assuming we were successful in the lawsuit.

Thereafter, Mr. Apat’s real estate team made a motion for summary judgment/default judgment, which was granted giving us title to the property by adverse possession. After obtaining the court’s order, Mr. Apat worked closely with a title company. He explained the nuances of the case and after a lot of time and attention to detail, they agreed to insure our property, which we acquired through adverse possession.

I would highly recommend Mr. Apat and his real estate/commercial real estate team for any complex real estate litigation issue.


Harold Gordon, Esq., Attorney at Law

Respectful And Determined

I would like to thank Richard Apat and his team of professionals for taking my case when many other firms would not. I am very satisfied with the outcome. Because my injuries for my back are for life, Mr. Apat was not satisfied until the right offers began to come in. Thank you again for treating me like a person and not a “file”. Good luck to you and your new firm.



Hard Worker

To Richard, Gil, Jeanette and the entire staff:

I could not begin to thank you for the hard work and great effort you gave to me and my case. If I say thank you a million times, it still would not be enough. Even in the most trying circumstance we can be grateful; I am grateful that you were right across the hall.

Thank you and God Bless.



Clever, Comforting And Convincing

Dear Richard Apat,

We, Bracey E. Goodwin Jr. and Yolander M. Goodwin, would like to thank you and your firm for representing our family on behalf of our dispute against our neighbors. This whole process was, at times, difficult for us and sometimes painful.

Your representation was above and beyond what we expected to receive. We felt you were clever, extremely professional, comforting and always kept us informed during the process. It was apparent to us that you cared about the outcome almost as much as we did. Your style of representation was impeccable and classy.

Bracey and I were proud to have you as our lawyer. We felt comforted by your experience and knowledge. Throughout the trial, we appreciated the hours you spent in the evening preparing for the next day. You were protective, well-prepared, thorough, convincing and always accurate. I could see that our neighbors had respect for you and what you had to say.
Your back up team are some of the hardest working and sincerest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You all did a tremendous job.

You did everything you promised and more. During this case, you were not only our lawyer, but a friend. We would, without a doubt, recommend you to friends, family members and co-workers. Thanks for excellent representation.

Sincerely yours,

Bracey E. Goodwin Jr. and Yolander M. Goodwin

A Prompt And Fair Settlement

Dear Mr. Rosado,

I am writing this letter to formally thank you for handling my case in such a competent and professional manner. Your efforts reached a prompt and fair settlement.

You, your associates and your staff were more than courteous, proficient, and patient. I deeply appreciate all you have done for me. I will strongly recommend your law firm to my family and friends.

Again, with sincere gratitude,

Thank you.


Susan A.

Another Satisfied Social Security Client

Dear Alex,

It’s difficult to say how much I appreciate what you have done for me. So, thank you and I just want to say the world would be a much nicer place if it had more people like you and Richard in it.

With Sincere Thanks,


Strength Under Fire

Dear Mr. Apat;

I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for your help in defending my home from a constructive trust and partition action. A disgruntled relative wanted to force me out of my home; instead he was the one who had to leave. It was a long and bitter struggle against an unprincipled opponent but we prevailed in the end.

I am grateful for the strength you showed under fire and your hard work in bringing this difficult matter to a close. Even in my darkest moments, you were only a phone call away.

Very truly yours,

Maria Sotolongo
Attorney at law

Friendly And Effective

Dear Sir/Madam:

Last summer, when my family was threatened with litigation over our fence and property line, I was lucky to find and seek assistance from Mr. Richard H. Apat. He was friendly and attentive to the situation presented, and eased my tensions. I immediately set an appointment for further discussion with him and my family members.

Mr. Apat did not encourage a lawsuit. He provided a clear explanation of our legal rights regarding property boundaries. With Mr. Apat’s expert guidance, we were able to define and claim property owned by our family for decades avoiding the high cost and stress of courtroom litigation.

It has been several months, and we have not heard a word about the threatened litigation. We thank our lucky stars every day that we were able to consult with Mr. Apat. He and his co-workers and staff should be commended for their time and effort to our case.

We would highly recommend Richard Apat for any further case. Thank you again for your expertise.


Jane & the Wick Family

Passionate And Insightful

A quick word of thanks for the job that Richard Apat did for me on the Rubin case. Richard demonstrated the finest qualities one might find in an advocate: commitment, insight, passion, communication and teamwork.

Richard devoted an immense amount of energy to my case and was clearly unsatisfied with partial answers. This was a complicated case in which we faced a determined adversary, and Richard responded to the challenge. In sum, Richard cared about my case in a way few lawyers would; he understood all of the nuances and issues because he was living it with me, every step of the way.

Your entire team also deserves credit for the support they provided. I appreciate the strategic direction you provide. Gil’s efforts and those of the staff — Jeanette — also went above and beyond the call. I feel like the entire team came together to help push us over the top. The past two years have been a difficult time for me, as I was confronted with the prospect of financial ruin. In working to secure a completely successful trial outcome, you have really made an incredible difference in the life of my family and for me. For Zachary, Lara and Lucy, thank you so much.




Dear Mr. Apat,

We want to express our sincere appreciation for your professionalism and expertise in handling our case. Your interpersonal skills and your knowledge of the law exceeded our expectations. We will highly recommend your service to any of our friends or family members. Thanks again for the quick, successful resolution to our case.


Shira, Shazam & Ishaw

Patient And Hardworking

Dear Mr. Apat:

Your patience and hard work has resulted in the congregation having a successful case. We thank you for that.

Sincerely yours,

Ronald, Treasurer

A Very Nice Man

Dear Mr. Apat,

My wife and I both appreciate what you did for us. Thank you very much. We received your envelope today. I will wait for Roslyn to open it. I went to Dr. Su a couple of weeks ago. He said my hip looks good, but I walk with a limp and my left leg is a little shorter due to surgery. You are a very nice man, it would have been difficult for me to drive to you. I will always do my best to help you. Please stay well.



So Helpful

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for helping to bring resolution to a case that seemed never-ending. We appreciate all your time and support during this process.

Again, a million thanks from our entire family,

Kats/Drozsdik family

Stellar Integrity

I would like to once again thank Mr. Apat for his guidance and his persistence in pursuing my case. Mr. Apat is an attorney with stellar integrity. It was my pleasure meeting with him.
Jeanette, I would also like to thank you for your help and your patience. It was a pleasure working with you.

Very truly yours,


Wonderful Attorney


On April 20, 2012, my life was changed when I fell on a sidewalk that was lifted by the tree roots in Whitestone, Queens, while I was walking home from work.

After sustaining five breaks in my arm and surgery to put me back together, I was lucky enough to find, through a recommendation, the most wonderful attorney, Richard Apat. I found him to be so understanding and compassionate, which certainly helped me in my recovery.

Both he and his paralegal, Jeanette Martinez, worked hard and fast to do all they could to bring my case to a fair conclusion. I would certainly recommend Richard Apat to anyone out there who needs a competent attorney with much experience in his field. He treated me just like he would treat a family member, which is a plus when one is going through such trauma.

Thank you, from my heart.


Roberta B.

A Hard Fighter Who Never Gives Up

Dear Richard,

Now that our business has come to an end, I would like to thank you for the great job you did. You went over and above what I felt required of you to see that I was compensated for my injuries.

Richard, thank you for fighting so hard for my rights and winning what was rightfully mine. I know near the end I became unbearable, but you never gave up on me or my case.

If I ever met anyone that needs your services, I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Thank you again,

Mary T.

Gifted Intelligence, Caring Personality

Dear Mr. Apat,

On behalf of our congregation, we wish to express to you our deepest thanks and appreciation for your efforts in resolving the lawsuit in favor of the congregation.

Your gifted intelligence and highly professional attorney skills blended with your dedicated and caring personality to bring about this favorable legal decision. We shall always be grateful.

We extend to you our best wishes for good health and further success in your legal profession.

Gratefully yours,

Josef, Vice President

Rabbi M. G.

With Me At Every Step

I am writing this letter to let you know how good a job Richard Apat did on my personal injury case. From the first moment that he sat down with me he spoke to me as a professional. He explained to me that my case would not be easy. It would take a long time to come to a finish. Richard kept me up to date every step of the way. Either by phone or in person. When I would go in person to speak with Richard he always made time for me no matter how long I needed to speak with him. He would answer any question I had until I fully understood what was going on.

When it came time for me to visit doctors’ offices, he always made someone from the office available to go with me. He walked me through this difficult time in my life. He made everything so easy to understand. I felt very comfortable speaking with him. He is the perfect image of a professional lawyer.

Having Richard Apat as my attorney has made me able to finish a difficult part of my life and to move to a brighter future. My wife and I thank him very much.

Thank you,


A True Professional

Dear Rich:

Just a short note to thank you for all you did. You are a true professional and I am sure you make many people very proud of you. I know Bob and I were very impressed with every way you represented us. We look forward to meeting Mary.

Best regards,

Diane & Bob

Attentive And Committed

To: Richard Apat and staff:

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts over the last two years regarding my case. Sometimes, a quick thank you works, but my standpoint, considering where I was and where I am now, I needed to elaborate a bit more on how I feel about the way I was treated by you and everyone at your firm.

When I was initially recommended to your organization, I was injured, disabled, confused and extremely concerned about my future. With so many questions going through my head, I thought I would crack. From our first appointment, you settled those worries and put my mind at ease. You set the course and I really felt I was in the right place and in good hands. My expectations were correctly set, realistic and never exaggerated.

I thought to myself at first, I’ll wait and see how it goes and at each step of the process over the last two years, that sense of ease remained. When I was injured after my accident, I knew I had a tough road ahead. I also knew that I was out of work and approaching a major surgery. How was I going to live, pay my bills and remain sane? What about all these doctors and insurance companies? These were just some of my major concerns early on. At every step, you assisted and made things work, and I knew I would be OK.

Your attention to details surrounding my case was second to none, but your attention to me and my needs always came first. I felt that you all cared, that you were really concerned about me and not just the outcome of the case. Well, here we are with the outcome of my case and I could not be happier or more comfortable with the decision I made two years ago. I have heard a lot of stories from people dissatisfied with their representation and their regrets after the fact. I am thrilled not to have one of those stories!

It is an energizing feeling of confidence knowing that Richard Apat is in my corner and if I ever fall victim to bad circumstances, I’ll always have the right group to turn to. Impressed, thrilled, confident and even a little cocky is how I felt when I mentioned who was representing me. I know I have a new start in life, I am financially stable and positive thinking are in my future. I would not be where I am today without you guys and I want you to know that your hard work is well appreciated. I will always recommend Richard Apat. Please feel free to use my name and number as a reference for future potential clients.

Best Regards,

Richard B.

Generous And Thoroughly Professional

To: The Queens County Bar Association

I wish to thank you for your referral this past September to the firm, specifically Mr. Richard H. Apat.

I requested the referral because I had just been sued by a neighbor and needed guidance on how to proceed. After a fruitless search of various agencies and organizations, I finally located your referral service. After briefly describing my situation to the person answering the phone, I was referred to this law firm.

Mr. Apat was generous with his time and advice even before I decided to retain his services. I soon realized Mr. Apat was more than capable of undertaking my case. Although my case was a difficult one, Mr. Apat made me realize that everyone is entitled to the protection of the law.

Mr. Apat’s efforts have resulted in a quick and favorable resolution, barely two months after I retained his service. Mr. Apat has proved to be knowledgeable, competent and thoroughly professional at all times. I would not hesitate to use his services again and highly recommend him.

I urge the Bar Association to continue to refer his services.

Very truly yours,


Hard Working And Honorable

MANY thanks and congratulations to Atty. Richard Apat. Sir, YOU are a WINNER! I acknowledge your hard work, sacrifices, your service, and the honor that you and your law firm stands for in order to fight for the power of justice.

May God continue to bless you ALL !

Very Truly Yours,


Community Involvement