The Help You Need To Navigate New York Disability Laws

Disability pension law covers both private and public employees. In general, a disability pension provides retirement disability benefits to public or private employees who become physically or mentally disabled and unable to perform the duties of their job as a result of an accident or illness. If you are a state employee in New York or a New York City public employee, you may be entitled to an accidental or ordinary disability pension if you are disabled.

Most unionized private workers (construction, maintenance, etc.) may be entitled to a disability pension from their union pursuant to the bargaining agreement/contract. Whether you work in the public or private sector, you must be mindful that when filing an application for a disability pension there are usually time limitations to file the application, length of service requirements and evidentiary proof that must be presented.

The application and appeals process can be lengthy, confusing and discouraging. Hence, you should consult with an experienced pension law attorney.

Ready To Resolve Your Disability Matter

Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, can help you with the pension application process, develop the medical evidentiary proof and present your case before the administrative appeal’s process. We work arduously to make sure you receive the disability pension you deserve after many years of hard work and service to your employer.

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