No-Fault Collections for Doctors and Medical Providers

Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, represents doctors and health care providers in the collection of unpaid medical bills for properly submitted no-fault insurance claims. We take pride in the personal relationships we foster with each of our clients and in the professional relationships we have developed with the insurance carriers and their respected legal representatives.

New York’s automobile No-Fault Law was originally enacted to ensure insurance carriers would pay for legitimate medical expenses, lost earnings and incidental costs resulting from motor vehicle accidents, regardless of who was to blame. The alleged purpose behind the law was to speed compensation and reimbursement without the necessity of long, drawn-out litigation over fault and amounts owed.

However, as doctors and medical providers have learned over the years, payments of medical bills by the insurance companies are habitually delayed or denied, and it has become increasingly difficult to get paid for legitimate services rendered.

Our attorneys can help you collect the money owed to you for your services and can reduce the frustration and wasted time associated with battling the insurance companies.

Every case is reviewed to determine the best plan of attack to produce the fastest and highest collection of your medical bills. In addition, as a service to our clients, we will personally train your staff in the proper submission of medical bills to the insurance companies, to minimize common mistakes that can affect payment of your bills.

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