Adept At Litigating Real Estate Disputes

At Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, our lawyers have the real estate experience and the litigation skills necessary to prosecute and defend a wide range of real estate cases. From a neighbor wrongfully cutting down a tree to complex litigation involving industrial property, we combine our decades of experience and thorough legal knowledge to aggressively represent you in real estate litigation involving matters such as:

  • Boundary/property line disputes
  • Adverse possession
  • Partition actions
  • Fraud and forgeries
  • Commercial and industrial lease disputes
  • Vendor and contract disputes
  • Issues and disputes related to co-ops and condominiums
  • Rent overcharge and harassment proceedings before the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal

While other attorneys are quick to eliminate litigation as an option, we pursue lawsuits in court when it provides the best resolution for our clients. Our opponents know that and take the threat of litigation seriously.

Defending You Against Fraud And Forgery

Real estate seems to have more than its fair share of dishonest dealings, frauds and forgeries. At Rosado, Apat & Dudley, we have seen cases involving family members or business associates trying to forge deeds out of their co-owners’ names. We also see predators who look for distressed properties and offer inadequate amounts of money to unsophisticated, distressed homeowners in need of assistance. We thoroughly investigate every case and enlist the help of experts and professionals to aggressively protect you against fraud, forgery and unfair dealings.

Resolving Real Estate Partnership Disputes

Disputes between partners can impact the future of a real estate development project. Our firm understands what is at stake when real estate partners have differing visions of their business interests, and explore various avenues toward resolution beyond closing up the business operations. Partnerships can be dissolved, assets can be sold and partners can be bought out of their shares. While mediating the dispute is an option, we prepare cases for jury trial if that can provide the best outcome.

Convenient Locations Across New York City

Rosado, Apat & Dudley has offices in Freeport (Long Island), the Bronx and Queens, and is easily accessible for individuals and businesses across New York City. To discuss your dispute with our dedicated and experienced real estate trial attorneys, contact our firm by calling 800-708-8917 or reaching out online.