Fraudulent Transfers And Deed Forgery

Some real estate transactions are rife with fraud and forgeries. Investors seize opportunities to lowball homeowners who are unable to maintain their property and offer unsuspecting owners a way out. Family members and business associates have been known to forge deeds. Their aggressive tactics deserve an equally aggressive response.

The attorneys at Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, have handled numerous real estate transactions. They combine experience in handling of real estate transactions with an in-depth knowledge of real estate law. Our lawyers do not shy away from the courtroom in pursuing and defending claims of fraud.

Dedicated Queens Real Estate Fraud Attorneys

From fraudulent contracts to short sales and other complex legal issues, our law firm attends to every detail in these challenging cases. Fraud has a higher burden of proof in court, requiring us to secure clear and convincing evidence. Thorough investigations and the help of handwriting experts are required, especially for forgery claims. No detail is too small.

You need that level of dedication and advocacy from a New York lawyer when property ownership and large sums of money are at stake and fraud or forgery is suspected.

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