Back Injuries And Workers’ Comp Claims

The spine is composed of columns of bones and tissue. Extending from the skull down to the pelvis, the vertebrae protect nerve tissues. Injury to just one vertebra is life-changing, if not career-ending. Over time, all the suffering becomes debilitating and painful.

If you have suffered a workplace back injury, you may have worked your last day. The activities that you once enjoyed may be a thing of the past.

The Short- And Long-Term Challenges Of A Severe Back Injury

If you have a job that requires any type of lifting, carrying or anything that involves use of the back, the attorneys at Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, can help secure the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. They combine more than 75 years of experience at their full-service injury and disability law firm, and they offer a free initial consultation. Call 800-708-8917 or email the firm to set up an appointment in Queens, Nassau County (Freeport) or the Bronx.

Back injuries can take many forms. After an accident at work, you may experience spasms from a strain or sprain. Excruciating pain often comes from vertebral disks that are bulging, herniated or ruptured. More serious damage to the back involves slipped disks and nerve damage.

After your initial consultation, we will handle all aspects of your claim and ensure that you receive the medications, therapeutic treatments, chiropractic care and surgeries you need. Current and future pain management requires money. Treatments can be costly, well into the thousands of dollars if you are sidelined for a long time.

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