Undocumented Construction Workers Can Recover Workers’ Comp Benefits

Even undocumented workers have rights under New York state labor laws. For many undocumented workers who have been injured, the thought of pursuing an injury claim is frightening. Rest assured, you can meet with our attorneys in a free, confidential consultation to learn about your rights.

At Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, we have extensive experience handling injury claims for people injured on construction sites regardless of their work status.

We are not only experienced personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers, but we also handle immigration law matters. This combination of skills allows us to provide you with big-picture legal guidance concerning your injury and your immigration status.

There is no risk in talking with us, and your consultation is free and confidential. Call 800-708-8917 or contact us online to discuss your situation.

Hablamos español. Do you speak Spanish? At our firm, you will work with an attorney who speaks your language and understands your concerns as an undocumented worker.

Recent court decisions have supported the rights of undocumented workers to obtain workers’ compensation benefits for injuries sustained on the job.

Nonetheless, you may face intimidation and threats of retaliation for coming forth with your claim. Remember, the law is the law and it is on your side. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you pursue a course of action that protects your right to compensation without putting your immigration status in jeopardy.

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