Some people seem to have dangerous driving habits that they just cannot shake. They make the same mistakes and take the same chances over and over again. If you have to ride with them or drive around them, you feel like an accident is simply bound to happen at some point.

This may not be as random as it feels. In fact, experts have linked these dangerous driving habits with a number of major personality traits.

For example, someone may lack imagination. They may assume that things are always going to happen just the way that they expect them to happen, and any new change comes as a surprise. These people are more likely to tailgate other cars, assuming that the speed of traffic is not going to change or that the other driver is not going to need to stop in an emergency situation.

You also have people who are focused only on themselves. They tend to break the rules or act like those rules are for other people, not for them. They will take chances and put other people at risk to get ahead. These people, as you may expect, tend to be chronic speeders. They break the limits and risk traffic tickets and car accidents because they’re only thinking about their own schedule and what they want.

Understanding these personality traits helps show why accidents happen, but it does not mean you can avoid them. If one of these drivers causes an accident that leads to serious injuries and puts you in the hospital, you may have a right to compensation for your costs.