We often make light of slip-and-fall accidents, but the reality is that they can lead to very serious injuries on the job. They’re also more common than many people realize. Risks that workers face include changes in flooring surfaces, unexpected hazards and a general sense that they need to hurry and rush to get a job done on time. All of those things can lead to an accident that puts a worker in the hospital.

To stay safe, here are a few things workers should do:

  • Never leave cables and cords lying across a walkway or cover them up if they have to be there.
  • Clean up anything that spills right away.
  • Sweep up and mop at the end of the day and whenever debris creates a hazardous condition.
  • Never leave clutter on the stairs or in the walkways.
  • If a rug or a mat does not lay down flat on its own, the workers should secure the corners.
  • Always close drawers for desks, file cabinets, storage containers and more.
  • Make sure that the walkways and working areas are well-lit at all times.

Now, not all of this responsibility falls on the workers, of course. Company owners need to have safety regulations in place. They need to do regular maintenance and create a safe workspace for their employees. For instance, ignoring inadequate or broken lighting could put workers at risk when a simple fix would keep them safe.

If you get injured on the job, you need to know all of the rights that you have to help cover your costs.