No one ever expects to get bitten by a horse. They usually assume that horses are more likely to kick an unsuspecting victim. In fact, bites, kicks and tramplings can happen when someone is near a horse — and these incidents are likely to result in devastating consequences for the victim. The question is, when a horse attacks an unsuspecting victim, is the owner of the animal responsible?

Under the law, injuries caused by horses are usually treated in the same way as injuries caused by other varieties of domestic animals. In other words, they fall under standard negligence laws.

The owners of horses are, indeed, responsible to ensure the safety of others who interact with their horses. This responsibility under standard rules of negligence requires the horse owner to take reasonable action to prevent their horses from causing injuries to others. For example, if the owner knew — or should have known — that his or her horse was prone to attacking, the owner must take action to prevent an attack from happening.

As it follows, if you were hurt by someone’s horse or domesticated animal and you did not provoke the attack, you might have the right to pursue a personal injury action relating to your injuries.

If you suspect that the owner of an animal could be liable for your animal attack injuries, our law firm is ready to help you look deeper into your case. We will leave no stone unturned until we fully understand your situation and your legal rights and options.