If you went for a walk 200 years ago, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting hit by a car. Perhaps you’d be at risk of bumping up against another pedestrian or getting trampled by a horse, but even if that were to happen your chances of surviving would be infinitely higher than if you were involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately, the threat of being seriously hurt by an automobile is one of the many prices we pay to live in modern society.

Therefore, as a pedestrian, we need to stay alert when we’re walking somewhere near automobiles. At our firm, where we’ve helped many pedestrians pursue lawsuits after serious injuries, we’ve found that the following tips could save your life:

— Always watch your surroundings. Don’t let yourself get distracted by a smartphone or any kind of reading material.

— Make sure you have eye contact with motorists before you cross in front of any motor vehicle, even if you think you have the right of way.

— Use designated crossing zones and crosswalks to cross the street. You’re much safer crossing in these areas because that’s where motorists are expecting to find pedestrians.

— Don’t wear dark colors at night. A light-colored shirt or jacket will help you stay visible. Also, anything reflective is a bonus in terms of visibility.

— Only cross an intersection when the walk light has indicated it’s your turn to go.

— Don’t use headphones or listen to music while walking.

— Walk on the left side of the road facing traffic if there isn’t a sidewalk available.

Your safety as a pedestrian is paramount whenever you’re walking near cars. Other motorists should always give you the right of way and provide you with plenty of space. If a motorist strikes and hurts you while you’re walking, you might want to seek out legal assistance. Our law firm is available now to discuss your accident and injuries to determine your legal rights and options.