Subaru Corp, the famed automaker based out of Tokyo, Japan, has announced the recall of hundreds of thousands of cars because of vehicle defects that could cause the engines of affected cars to stall while in motion. The recall will affect 400,000 cars globally.

Among the vehicles included in the recall are Impreza compact cars, Forester sport-utility cars, BRZ sports cars and Toyota Scion FR-Ss vehicles. All of these recalled vehicles were built between the years 2012 and 2013.

According to the automaker, the issue that led to the recall relates to faulty engine valve springs. The springs are at risk of fracturing, which could cause the vehicles to stall and get into accidents. The faulty springs — when functioning properly — are integral parts of the engines because they keep the valves of the engines closed while fuel combusts. When one of these springs fails, it can result in severe engine damage.

Subaru estimates that the repairs will not be easy nor inexpensive to implement. The automaker suggested that it will take over 12 hours to repair the faulty springs.

The automaker further stated that 101,000 of the affected cars were in Japan, while 270,000 were located in the United States. As of the latest reports, a spokesperson for Subaru said that it could not provide further details about the disclosures because it had not yet filed all the appropriate paperwork with regulators.

There have not been any reports of injuries or accidents related to the above-described defects, but that does not mean that injuries have not occurred. If you suffered a serious injury because of a suspected vehicle defect, it’s important that you report the defect as soon as possible to prevent more injuries to others. You may also want to investigate the potential viability of a personal injury lawsuit related to your damages.