Electrocution hazards commonly present themselves at New York construction sites. Whether it’s an electrical cord passing through a mud puddle, or a worker on a ladder close to some power lines, these dangers can be deadly — and an electrocution injury will strike and kill faster than anyone can react.

To reduce the likelihood that you’ll be a victim of an electrocution injury, here are a few electrical safety tips to keep in mind:

— Report any electrical hazards you see immediately.

— Always inspect your equipment for any signs of cord wear and prevent your work area from getting wet.

— Read the instruction manuals of the electrical equipment you use at work.

— Only clean or adjust equipment after you have unplugged it and make sure you’ve “discharged” the equipment of excess electricity by pressing the on button or trigger after unplugging it.

— Don’t carry equipment by the cord.

— When using a ladder, only set up the ladder in areas that have at least 10 feet of clearance from power lines.

— Don’t leave an extension cord partially coiled up when using it: Always uncoil it completely.

— Never work with electrical equipment in the rain or where there is standing water.

If you were lucky to survive an electrocution accident at a construction, there’s a good chance that you’re also seriously hurt and will need time to recover and heal. Following an on-the-job accident like this, you might be able to pursue money to pay for your medical care and time unable to work by filing a workers’ compensation claim.