Anyone who lives through a catastrophic vehicle collision is lucky. However, they might not always survive the incident without suffering a multitude of injuries. Of course, while being thankful for their lives, these individuals will always want to gather some idea about how long it will take for them to heal.

Here are some of the most common car accident injuries and how long it takes for them to heal for someone who is in good shape and doesn’t have any chronic conditions:

Broken bones

Broken bones come in various types. A simple fracture takes an average of six weeks to heal. Fractured fingers and toes take between three and five weeks. A broken collarbone takes as long as five to 10 weeks to heal.

Strains and sprains

Whether it’s whiplash or some other kind of strain or sprain, it could take some time before the victim feels normal again. Sprained ankles, for example, can heal quickly in as little as five days, or they can take three to six weeks if they are severe. Similarly, whiplash could take a matter of days to resolve itself, or victims could require long-term physical therapy and other treatments to address their continued neck pain.

Cuts and lacerations

Cuts and lacerations generally resolve themselves within a week to one month. The depth and location of the injury will usually dictate how slowly or quickly these injuries heal.

Of course, every car accident victim wants his or her injuries to heal as quickly as humanly possible. Therefore, it’s important that victims seek the best medical care they can immediately after the accident. If you’re a car accident victim with high medical bills, you might benefit from investigating whether an at-fault party could be liable to pay for your medical care.