A motorcyclist is dead and five people suffered injuries in a traffic accident that happened on a recent Saturday in Brooklyn, New York, The collision happened while a 47-year-old man was riding his Suzuki motorcycle and a 29-year-old woman was driving a Nissan passenger vehicle.

According to police, the woman in the Nissan was making a U-turn when she drove into the path of the motorcyclist a little before 4:20 p.m. The motorcyclist struck the car and suffered catastrophic injuries. Emergency responders rushed the biker to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for severe trauma. However, doctors were unable to save him and he later was pronounced dead at the medical facility.

The motorcyclist’s former wife offered several comments to the media, “He had a passion for bikes,” she said. “He always road bikes ever since he was young.” She also mentioned that he was a “very responsible driver.”

The motorcyclist wasn’t the only one to suffer injuries. Five other people, one of whom was an infant, suffered minor injuries in the collision. All of them were riding in the Nissan when the crash occurred.

Police have not yet filed any charges relating to this incident. However, as authorities complete their investigations, it’s possible that charges could be forthcoming.

Whenever a family loses a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident, it’s important to investigate exactly what happened and who may be at fault for the crash. If another party’s negligence or unlawful behavior caused the death, for example, surviving close family members may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim relating to the incident.