Injured workers in New York typically benefit from unlimited medical benefits without any deductibles following a work-related injury. The insurer will pay for medical care triggered by the work-related injury until the injured employee is either healed or has received the maximum amount of relief possible.

Payments generally happen effortlessly, as they are made to the workers’ compensation carrier and then transmitted to the medical provider. All the injured employee needs to do is listen to his or her doctor and follow the prescriptions and recommendations of the doctor.

In some states, injured employees have the option to choose an authorized medical provider. In other states, the employee will not have this option and will be assigned a doctor. Sometimes, the injured person needs to have a periodic meeting with his or her doctor to check in on the current status of the condition and whether the employee is better and might be able to return to work.

In some cases, workers can receive physical and psychological rehabilitation. Workers might also be able to receive vocational rehabilitation in certain areas, which can be helpful to assist a disabled person to enter a new field of work. Usually, only employees who suffer from catastrophic injuries — injuries that are in some way permanent — can qualify for workers’ compensation rehabilitation.

Do you have questions about your workers’ compensation benefits and the types of benefits you qualify for? It’s important that you answer these questions as soon as possible, and that you ascertain whether you’re getting the full amount of benefits that you have the legal right to receive.

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