Nearly every tool that construction workers use on a daily basis can result in a serious injury. Even a screwdriver could slip and puncture you, resulting in a debilitating wound. This is why it’s vital that you do everything you can to stay safe while using tools at your construction job. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in this regard:

  • Use the right tool for the job: If you’ve got to pry something, use a crowbar. In other words, don’t use a rusty piece of rebar.
  • Don’t yank a tool by its hose: If the tool has a cord or hose hanging off it, don’t be tempted to carry it or yank it by the hose or cord. Carry it the proper way, by its handle.
  • Protect your eyes and ears: Use safety goggles and safety ear protection whenever you’re near something that could harm your eyes and ears. Power tools, noise-emitting tools, saws, drills and many other devices could all present to your ears and eyes in this regard.
  • Keep machine-operating areas clear of other people: If other workers are around while you want to use a piece of heavy machinery or another kind of smaller machinery, ask them to give you more distance so they’re not in danger of getting hurt.
  • Follow all your workplace safety procedures: There’s a reason why it’s a rule to wear your hard hat at all times. It’s to keep you safe. Never skimp on adhering to your workplace safety guidelines.

At the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do to avoid an accident. However, if you follow the above safety guidelines and all others you’ve learned, there’s less of a chance you’ll get seriously injured, and less of a chance you’ll need to pursue a workers’ compensation claim to pay for your medical care.

Source: Atlantic Training, “Construction Safety Tips,” accessed April 27, 2018