Workers’ compensation lawyers see clients who have been hurt in virtually every kind of construction accident imaginable. However, there are some categories of accidents that attorneys tend to see again and again. Over time, attorneys develop hard-won experience in these areas of workers’ compensation law, and this experience helps them represent their clients more effectively.

Here are four categories of accidents that frequently beset construction workers. Did you get hurt in one of these kinds of accidents?

Heavy equipment accidents: Heavy equipment at construction sites is both necessary and dangerous. Whether it’s a Bobcat, bulldozer, crane, backhoe, forklift or some other large piece of equipment, one false move could spell disaster. It’s not uncommon for employees who are working near heavy equipment to get struck or pinned by one of these large pieces of machinery. Alternatively, a poorly-maintained machine could break down and hurt the operator or those nearby.

Carpenter injuries: The tools that carpenters use to work with wood are usually capable of cutting through skin and bone just as easily as they cut through wood. It’s not uncommon to see veteran carpenters who are missing fingers or have suffered some other kind of serious health problem because of a workplace accident.

Roofing falls: Roofers are balancing at precarious heights on uneven surfaces that pose fall risks. It’s because of these dangers that being a roofer is one of the more dangerous carpentry jobs that one can have.

Scaffold collapses and ladder-related accidents: Like roofers, those who regularly use scaffolds and ladders are also subjecting themselves to the risk of fall injuries.

No matter what kind of accident you were involved in at a construction site, if you were seriously hurt as result of it, you can probably pursue a workers’ compensation claim to help pay for your injuries.