A man who suffered paralyzing injuries on the job 10 years ago was recently able to walk again thanks to a high-tech robot. The paralyzed man went home with the roboticized exoskeleton which helps him power his hip and knee movements so he can stand up straight, turn around and walk.

The 39-year-old paraplegic man, who lives in Putnam County, said that he had spent countless hours daydreaming about the day he would walk again ever since his accident happened. “I couldn’t believe (I was paralyzed) and was still thinking the doctor was mistaken…” He thought that a miracle would happen at some point and he would walk again, but it never did.

It appears, however, that the miracle did happen — in the form of new technology. After strapping on the exoskeleton, the man made fast work of standing up and taking is first cautious steps. “Normal people don’t realize what it means just to sit all the time,” he said. The man expressed how happy he was that he could now stand and look people in their eyes and take steps like regular people.

This man’s story is certainly an exciting one, but given the fact that robot exoskeletons can cost as much as $75,000, these devices aren’t for everyone. However, for those who can afford them, they could bring an amazing boost to a paraplegic person’s quality of life.

Injured workers will generally face high medical bills and lost income, but they may be able to receive financial compensation to pay for these costs by filing a workers’ compensation claim. Ultimately, there are no guarantees with workers’ compensation, but if a claim is successfully filed, most New York construction workers will be able to get the benefits they need.

Source: kaplanherald.com/, “After being paralyzed a decade in the past, NY building employee walks once more with robotic machine,” Jan. 03, 2018