In the United States, someone dies as a result of a car crash every 12 minutes and every 10 seconds someone suffers a car crash-related injury. Every five seconds a crash happens. For these reasons alone, business owners should be alert to create a safety program to ensure that their drivers stay safe on the road. However, a lot of companies and businesses have yet to create a potentially life-saving program like this.

To further convince business owners of why they need a driving safety program, take a look at the following benefits:

  • You will reduce the chances that one of your employees will suffer a debilitating injury, and you will reduce the chances that one of your employees will die on the job.
  • You will protect the financial resources of your company by preventing injuries that result in employee shortages and protecting your fleet of automobiles from costly damage.
  • You will protect your company from becoming liable for safety failures related to car accidents. This kind of liability could result in a serious financial setback for your form, or result in increased insurance premiums in the event of an accident.

When creating a driver safety program, you will want to focus on changing the attitudes of your drivers, so that they adopt a “be safe” culture on the road, and also between themselves. Teach your employees safe driving practices and reward them when they exhibit safety-conscious behavior.

As for drivers who suffer a serious injury while driving a vehicle on-the-job, they will have the opportunity to pursue a workers’ compensation claim to receive money to pay for their medical care. They may also be able to secure money as compensation for lost income due to time spent out of work.

Source: OSHA, “Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes,” accessed Dec. 22, 2017