New York residents can get hurt on the job in an infinite number of ways. Just when a workers’ compensation lawyer thinks that he or she has seen it all in this regard, a new client walks in the door with the most unlikely injury of them all. That said, there are some kinds of injuries that lawyers see again and again when they’re assisting their clients to get the employee benefits they deserve.

Here are some of the most common workers’ compensation-related injuries:

Neck injuries: Some workers get neck problems because they sit at a computer all day long and don’t move enough. Other workers get into car accidents that result in serious whiplash injuries that take a long time to heal.

Losing digits and limbs: Carpenters are particularly at risk of losing a digit or limb while using saws. Other workers are at risk of getting their arms and hands smashed.

Head or brain trauma: Perhaps a construction worker fails to put on his hard hat. Perhaps a large object falls from high above at a worksite. If the head or brain get injured, serious, lifelong and debilitating injuries can result.

Back injuries: Workers who lift heavy loads can get laid out by a serious back injury without notice. Similarly, workers in sedentary office jobs may develop serious back injuries over time. Also, workers who drive may be susceptible to back injuries simply by sitting in a car so long, or as a result of, an auto collision.

Electrocution injuries: Electricians and other construction workers are always at risk of an electrocution injury.

Have you been seriously injured on the job? It doesn’t matter whose fault it was. You can likely get workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your medical care and replace your wages while you’re getting better and unable to work.