Most New York workers don’t think of an office as a particularly dangerous workplace, but employees can suffer from a host of complications as a result of working in an office environment. If you work in an office in Freeport or the surrounding areas, pay close attention to the following tips, as they could prevent you from getting hurt.

Prevent office injuries with the following tips:

  • Set up your office in an ergonomic way. This means using wrist rests, adjustable chairs, trackballs and other items designed to prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  • Put your computer at eye-level. This will prevent you from straining your neck while using your computer throughout the day.
  • Put other materials at eye-level by using a document holder so that you’re not constantly craning your neck to look down at your desk and back up at your computer again.
  • Take breaks. Don’t just sit at your desk for hours on end. Every 30 minutes, take a break, walk around, use the restroom, stretch, get a drink of water or just take a lap around the office to move your legs.
  • Do little stretches while you’re sitting at your desk throughout the day. Make this a habit and you will prevent all kinds of repetitive stress problems.
  • Make sure your feet can sit flat on the floor. This will help prevent back strain problems due to sitting for too long.

Do you think you can carry out the above tips? Doing so will help you avoid serious injuries due to working at an office. Although you can always file a workers’ compensation claim to get money to pay for medical care related to an office injury, it’s best to stay healthy and avoid such injuries in the first place.

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