There are three primary things that workers do wrong when they use a ladder on the job. These mistakes can result in serious, debilitating and even deadly ladder injuries. Whether you’re a construction worker who uses a ladder every day, or an office worker who only seldom uses one of these devices, be sure to review all of the following ladder missteps so you can avoid getting hurt while you’re at work.

Don’t pick the wrong ladder for the job: Many workers choose a ladder that isn’t tall enough to reach the item they’re trying to get. This can result in getting too high on the ladder and falling off balance. Alternatively, a worker might use a ladder that isn’t rated for the amount of weight they need it to hold. Always consider the choice of ladder and ensure it’s appropriate for the task.

Don’t use a worn out ladder: Before you climb up a ladder inspect it for damage. Are there any loose rungs. Do the support pieces lock in place snuggly? If you notice any damage on your ladder, repair and/or replace the ladder before using it.

Use your ladder the right way: Don’t alter the ladder. Don’t stack the ladder on top of another surface to give it more height. Ensure that you don’t try to move the ladder while you or someone else is still on it. Use your common sense and make sure that you always have at least three points of contact on the ladder.

Were you hurt on the job while using a ladder? It doesn’t matter whose fault it was. If you were working at the time of the accident, you can probably pursue a workers’ compensation claim to pay for your medical care and receive other vital benefits following your accident.