Construction accidents are harrowing because they happen to men and women who are only trying to earn a living. It is very difficult for construction workers to stay completely safe as they work. There are a lot of hazards on these construction sites. This includes the heavy machinery, working at considerable heights and various electrical components.

Interestingly, it has come to light that the number of construction zone inspections is decreasing. While this is occurring, the number of construction accidents is rising. This is a troubling trend in New York that must be carefully considered because the people who keep the city’s structures up to par are suffering. We find this very disturbing and think that action needs to be taken to rectify the situation.

People who are injured in construction accidents might find that they are unable to work. They might have injuries that require long-term medical care. An increase in expenses comes a time when there is a decrease or stoppage of income.

Filing for workers’ compensation is one option that construction workers have when they are injured at work. We can help you learn about filing for workers’ compensation. We can also help you to file an appeal if there is something amiss with the workers’ compensation ruling that you get for your case.

Unfortunately, you might have to fight for the benefits that you deserve. We are here to stand by you as you fight for what you need. This can include medical care payments and money for missed wages, as well as other benefits you might qualify for.