Looking for signs that your workplace is unsafe, and then taking proper action to fix the problem, may help you avoid workplace accidents. Some signs to watch out for include:

Issues with leadership

Maybe workers are not being given the training they need. Maybe no supervisors are ever around to ensure that safety protocols are followed. Perhaps new workers are just thrown into the job with no orientation. No matter what the exact issues are, the leadership is not giving you a safe workplace.

Issues with equipment

One big issue with equipment is when it’s not being maintained well enough. This is especially true with heavy equipment — like machines used on a construction site — and power tools. Another major equipment issue is when safety gear isn’t handed out or isn’t used.

Issues with the environment

The workplace environment itself may just have too many clear hazards. This could include dirty, wet and slippery floors. It may include poor lighting or handrails on stairs that have fallen into disrepair. In general, the company is just not taking care of the workplace and it’s growing more dangerous by the day.

As a worker, you do have a right to report an unsafe workplace. You can also ask your boss to make changes to rectify the problems. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that no injuries are ever going to occur. If you’re hurt in the workplace, you may have medical bills that need to be paid, lost wages making it hard to cover daily costs and other such financial issues. Be sure you know your rights to workers’ compensation in New York.

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