Rushing is so common in the American workplace that a lot of people do it without thinking. They always have more to do than they can get done, or they’re thinking about production levels, or they’re trying to hit a quota. They rush to do it, and they put themselves in danger in the process.

The danger can just be from minor issues. A worker could trip, fall, and sprain his ankle. Two workers could run into each other. Someone could slip on the stairs and fall down the last four steps.

In each case, nothing major happened. You’re not talking about mistakes with heavy equipment. But a fall down even a few stairs could lead to broken bones and even a disability. It’s nothing to take lightly.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has also noted that people rush as a response to stress. The Wall Street Journal then pointed out that stress can lead to health conditions like headaches and even heart disease. Stress is also somewhat contagious, so one stressed out worker rushing around recklessly could stress out everyone else in the office or on the job site. Then, all of the workers could be facing potential health issues.

All told, rushing and feeling stressed can lead to mistakes, injuries, and more sick days being used. It can cause workers to feel overwhelmed and even unmotivated.

Have you been injured while on the job, perhaps because of a number of combining factors, like rushing to get a job done in an unsafe work environment? If so, you should know about your rights to workers’ compensation. It may cover lost wages as well as medical costs.

Source: Pin Point News, “The dangers of rushing in the workplace,” accessed Dec. 02, 2016