As an employee, you do your part in remaining safe at the workplace. However, what you may not understand is that your employer is not taking the same level of care.

Despite the fact that employers have a responsibility to provide workers with a safe environment, this does not always happen. There are companies out there that are dropping the ball in regards to the way they safeguard employees.

Every year, OSHA publishes a list of the most citied standards. And every year, employee training is one of the top violations spanning a variety of categories.

There are many training related complaints, with the most common associated with stress, time, and monotony.

In some companies, the mention of “safety training” is enough for employees to shy away. This often leads to the same questions by employees: how long will it take? Do I have to pass a test?

Since employees often fight back against training, employers sometimes give in. As a result, the workplace is not nearly as safe as it could be.

Companies need to spend more time, money, and resources developing ways to deliver training without concerns regarding stress, time, and boredom. This will ensure that employees get what they need to improve their safety.

Regardless of your job responsibilities, it is possible that you could be put in a dangerous position at some point during the workday in New York. The more often this happens the greater chance there is that you will eventually be injured in an accident.

Employees and employers should work together to help prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

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