Most people wouldn’t consider being a nail technician to be a “dangerous” kind of job, but the truth is, a lot of injuries can happen in this labor-intensive line of work. One area of workplace safety of concern for nail technicians relates to chemical exposure. Here are what nail technicians can do to stay safe from chemical exposure-related injuries.

First, nail technicians should always read the label of any chemical that they are using. The label provides important information about the safety of the product. Second, nail technicians should make sure that they receive safety training. There are a lot of dangers that could surface during one’s job that the employee never thinks of.

Third, nail techs should make sure that the room they are working in has adequate ventilation. Toxic chemicals are dangerous to breath in, especially over long periods of time and work areas need to be well-ventilated to avoid injury. Filters on ventilation systems should also be changed from time to time. Fourth, small bottles that have small openings are always best because they are less likely to spill and burn the worker. The bottles should also be closed securely. Fifth, and finally, safety glasses and/or goggles are a must. Workers need to protect their eyes and some chemicals used by nail technicians are very dangerous when they come in contact with eyes.

Fortunately, if an injury does happen, Queens nail technicians will be protected under the state of New York’s workers’ compensation system. Through the successful filing of a workers’ compensation claim, injured beauty industry workers can get money to pay for their medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

Source: New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health, “Safety and Health Tips for Nail Technicians,” accessed May 20, 2016