The ideal circumstances for workers in all industries in New York would be for company owners to comply with safety regulations. Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations for each industry, some employers fail to develop protocols designed to ensure workplace safety. Workers who are not informed of the potential hazards presented by their tasks, and trained in avoiding the dangers, may be putting their lives on the line.

A workplace accident in Long Island claimed the life of a 53-year-old tree trimmer earlier this month. Reportedly, the worker was in the bucket of a lift truck while he was trimming a tree. Under as yet unknown circumstances, he fell from the bucket and struck the ground about 27 feet below.

The victim was rushed to a medical center, but he did not survive. Investigators reported that the tree trimmer had not worn a safety harness or any other type of fall protection at the time of the fatal fall. OSHA was reportedly informed of the incident, and an investigation will determine the company owner’s compliance or non-compliance with safety regulations.

The surviving family members of this New York man who lost his life due to his employer’s apparent disregard of workplace safety will likely have to face several financial stumbling blocks at this difficult time. Although money cannot ease the emotional trauma, the death benefits that are offered by the workers’ compensation insurance program may provide financial relief. Some families choose to retain the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to navigate claims for end-of-life expenses and lost income.

Source:, “Hempstead Tree Trimmer Suffers Fatal Fall; Victim Wasn’t Wearing Safety Gear, Authorities Say“, Dec. 9, 2015