An often overlooked and rarely understood aspect of New York insurance policies is no-fault insurance coverage. Unless you have had the misfortune of being injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may not know exactly what no-fault insurance covers and what it does not.

The New York State No-Fault Law came into effect in 1970, with some crucial and complex changes being made in the last few years. The law provides a few benefits to people injured in road accidents. Its explicit purpose is to avoid lengthy litigation after an accident, and to ensure prompt payment for the expenses associated with medical treatment, lost wages, and incidental costs. In theory, medical providers who treat people injured in road accidents can be assured of payment, regardless of who is at fault in an accident (hence, “no-fault”).

Despite the intent of the law to ensure prompt payment, sometimes insurance companies refuse payment for necessary treatment, leaving providers uncompensated for their work. If a medical provider is unable to collect payment for medically necessary treatment on their own, a law firm experienced in no-fault collections may be able to help.

The most efficient way a law firm can seek compensation for medical providers is by pursuing payment of these bills through arbitration. This low-cost process can often result in payment within a year of filing. Medical providers rarely need to provide in-person testimony, saving time and money for busy providers. Instead, to prove that payment should be made on outstanding bills, providers simply need to turn over their patient’s records, which help explain that the treatment rendered was medically necessary. In some instances, litigation cannot be avoided, and no-fault collections must be pursued through the court system.

Our firm has successfully collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical providers. The No-Fault Department at Rosado, Apat, & Dudley LLP is overseen by partner Maria Dudley. Senior Associate John C. Almberg and paralegal Elizabeth Ragusa provide invaluable support.

If you are a doctor, medical facility, or medical provider seeking assistance in collecting outstanding no-fault treatment bills, please call our office today for a free consultation with Maria Dudley, Esq.