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Do insurance companies spy on workers?

You get hurt at work and file a workers' compensation claim. You take all of the proper steps to show proof that you got involved in an accident and suffered an injury: You report the incident, you go to a doctor and you get copies of your medical files. Everything checks out. You did get hurt on the job and you deserve compensation while you heal.

But does anyone keep watching? Say you're out of work for the next three months. Does anyone check up on you, perhaps without telling you, to see if you really got injured?

Personal injury cases: What kinds of damages can you pursue?

Sometimes, an accident is just an accident. It's nobody's fault, and you just got hurt. Other times, the accident happens due to the fault of another party. Perhaps a negligent driver failed to follow the rules of the road and hit you while you were a pedestrian. Maybe a food manufacturer didn't keep its premises clean, and the food you bought was dangerously contaminated. A lot of things can go wrong that cause you to get hurt, and when another party is to blame, you might be able to pursue financial damages in court.

Here are the kinds of damages that personal injury plaintiffs might be able to pursue:

Police are seeking a motorist who hurt a Hewlett 7-Eleven worker

The Nassau County Police Department issued another request on Jan. 3 for anyone who knows who is responsible for a March 7-Eleven incident that severely injured a store worker to step forward.

That day they released surveillance video footage from cameras that were pointed in the direction of the Hewlett store location's parking lot. They say that they're hoping that the description they provided of the female suspect and images of her car will help jog some Long Island residents' minds about who she might be.

3 things you should know about child bicycle versus car accidents

When an adult is riding a bicycle, he or she is expected to obey all traffic laws and ride responsibly to avoid getting struck by a car. When a child is riding a bicycle, the rules are a little bit different, which is why -- in some cases -- a child might be able to prevail in a personal injury claim, even if he or she was technically at fault for a collision involving an automobile.

Here are a few things parents should know if their child was struck by a car while riding a bike:

Can I sue if I get bitten by a horse?

No one ever expects to get bitten by a horse. They usually assume that horses are more likely to kick an unsuspecting victim. In fact, bites, kicks and tramplings can happen when someone is near a horse -- and these incidents are likely to result in devastating consequences for the victim. The question is, when a horse attacks an unsuspecting victim, is the owner of the animal responsible?

Under the law, injuries caused by horses are usually treated in the same way as injuries caused by other varieties of domestic animals. In other words, they fall under standard negligence laws.

Do you know how to safely use a ladder?

Imagine you use a ladder every day at work. You're probably comfortable with the ladder and you run up and down it without a thought for your safety. However, have you ever stopped to think just how extremely dangerous using a ladder is? If you lost your grip and fell from the ladder, or if the ladder lost its stability, you could fall, hit your head on something and die. You might not think this will ever happen to you, but it happens to countless workers throughout the United States every year.

Every worker needs to stay safe when using a ladder to prevent catastrophic injuries. Here's how you can prevent unfortunate ladder-related incidents from happening:

  • Does your ladder have slip-resistant pads and are these pads in good condition?
  • Review the ladder closely before each use. Check for any broken parts, and if you find anything that threatens the safety of the ladder -- no matter how small -- don't use the device. Repair or replace it before the next use.
  • If you'll be working in the vicinity of electricity, only use fiberglass ladders.
  • Inspect the surface you use as a base for your ladder. Only set up a ladder on a solid base that won't collapse or result in slippage. Angle the ladder according to guidance from the ladder manufacturer.
  • When using a ladder to ascend to a new level, ensure the ladder extends at least three feet beyond that level.
  • Follow the three-point rule by keeping at least one hand and two feet or one foot and two hands on the ladder at all times.

Lifesaving tips for pedestrians

If you went for a walk 200 years ago, you wouldn't have to worry about getting hit by a car. Perhaps you'd be at risk of bumping up against another pedestrian or getting trampled by a horse, but even if that were to happen your chances of surviving would be infinitely higher than if you were involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately, the threat of being seriously hurt by an automobile is one of the many prices we pay to live in modern society.

Therefore, as a pedestrian, we need to stay alert when we're walking somewhere near automobiles. At our firm, where we've helped many pedestrians pursue lawsuits after serious injuries, we've found that the following tips could save your life:

400,000 cars affected globally in Subaru recall

Subaru Corp, the famed automaker based out of Tokyo, Japan, has announced the recall of hundreds of thousands of cars because of vehicle defects that could cause the engines of affected cars to stall while in motion. The recall will affect 400,000 cars globally.

Among the vehicles included in the recall are Impreza compact cars, Forester sport-utility cars, BRZ sports cars and Toyota Scion FR-Ss vehicles. All of these recalled vehicles were built between the years 2012 and 2013.

Safety habits to prevent electrocution at work

Electrocution hazards commonly present themselves at New York construction sites. Whether it's an electrical cord passing through a mud puddle, or a worker on a ladder close to some power lines, these dangers can be deadly -- and an electrocution injury will strike and kill faster than anyone can react.

To reduce the likelihood that you'll be a victim of an electrocution injury, here are a few electrical safety tips to keep in mind:

How long will it take for my injuries to heal?

Anyone who lives through a catastrophic vehicle collision is lucky. However, they might not always survive the incident without suffering a multitude of injuries. Of course, while being thankful for their lives, these individuals will always want to gather some idea about how long it will take for them to heal.

Here are some of the most common car accident injuries and how long it takes for them to heal for someone who is in good shape and doesn't have any chronic conditions:

  • American Association for Justice
  • NYCOSH-New York Committee for occupational Safety & Health
  • Queens County Bar Association
  • Society of New York Workers' Compensation Bar Association, Inc | 1945
  • National Organization of social security claimants Representatives

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