Real Estate

Being sued can be a frightful event, especially if you are unfamiliar with the legal process. Even if you are familiar and have sued or been sued before, it can be a stressful time. Will you lose your business? Will you lose your house? Will you triumph because you were right all along? Our litigators can help you determine your risk if you are involved in litigation in the following areas:

Then again, perhaps you are on the other side of the fence. Maybe your neighbor has cut down a tree in your yard, claiming it was actually on her property. Or maybe you own a small business and one of your vendors hasn't delivered a shipment you've been expecting, which has caused you significant financial harm.

You could get money for the loss of your tree. But more importantly, if you don't challenge your neighbor to contest the boundary dispute, then your property boundaries may literally change because of your neighbor's actions and your following inaction.

Or in the case of the business owner, you may have to sue your vendor to make good on his promises or to recover from the losses he's caused you.

Queens Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

There are attorneys who practice as though they will never take their cases to trial. That is not us. We believe the only way to prepare cases is as though we will take every single one to court. Not only does this ensure we are ready if the case does go to trial, but it also gives us an advantage in settlement negotiations.

Please review our case results to learn about our past successes in adverse possession cases and other real estate and business disputes.

Because our opponents know we are serious and willing to go the distance, they know it will be cheaper to settle, even if they have to settle for more than they'd otherwise prefer. But our goal isn't to settle. Our goal is to make things right. If the settlement offer is insufficient, then we will never counsel you to accept it. In fact, if we are not satisfied, then we will suggest you proceed to trial.

If you have any sort of business or real estate dispute you have not been able to solve on your own, then call or contact an attorney from the law offices of Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP. We can help resolve your problems and protect your interests.