Non-Compete Agreements

Many companies hiring mid-level and upper-level managers and executives include a non-compete clause in their employment contracts. The terms of a non-compete agreement can vary and are usually based on the industry, geography and time. For example, a non-compete agreement may bar a retail corporation's CEO from taking another executive-level position with a company in the retail industry, in the same region, for two years after leaving the company.

At Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, we represent employees involved in disputes over non-compete agreements. You have a right to make a living. When an over-restrictive non-compete agreement prevents you from doing that, speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

New York Employment Agreement Attorneys

Free markets value open competition for the best talent. If you believe a non-compete agreement was unfair or unreasonable, seek legal advice. Our lawyers are familiar with the discovery-intensive nature of these claims, and we are experienced in documenting complex cases. The employer will often allege a breach of fiduciary relationship or a breach of loyalty. However, in reality, the non-compete clause may have been too restrictive in the first place, leaving an employee with no other option than to seek employment against the clause.

At Rosado, Apat & Dudley, LLP, we are not intimidated by large employers and their large firms. We will work to help you move on to your next position without negatively impacting your livelihood. If you have questions about a non-compete agreement, contact us online or call 800-708-8917 to speak with a knowledgeable Queens non-compete agreement attorney.